Earlier, pop diva Joey Yung (容祖兒) becomes a hot topic among the netizens after participating in Chinese reality show, Sisters Who Make Waves 2 (乘風破浪的姐姐2). While assigning the songs lyrics as a team leader, Joey had a serious conflict with one of the team members, Chen Xiaoyun (陳小紜). Lately, Joey responded in a programme (了不起的姐姐2) and explained she needed to bear responsibility as a team leader, and not making things difficult for anyone.

Prior to the fourth public performance, Xiaoyun had a breakdown during the discussion while Joey felt agitated and had tears due to failing to establish consensus. It became an awkward situation and their dispute rumours have been wide spreading since then. When the show was coming to an end, Xiaoyun finally approached Joey who gave her a hug and pointed it was a small issue. Hence, the case was closed.

When mentioned about the argument with Xiaoyun again, Joey believed she was required to bear responsibility as a team leader and did not make things difficult for anyone: “At the time, I feel everyone has different character and we cannot use the same method to treat them. However, I need to remain strong as a team leader. When I was impatient, I was at a loss for words and wondered if I forced her too much upon seeing her crying. I decided not to say anything and apologised to her instead. I will feel very upset if we lose and are eliminated. It is indeed not easy and meaningless to lose the bonding because of a show.”

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