On 23rd June, Matthew Ho (何廣沛), Arnold Kwok (郭子豪), Milkson Fong (方紹聰) were invited to Mean Talk show hosted by Bob Lam (林盛斌) and Elena Kong (江美儀). The trio made fun of each other and Arnold even dragged Elena into it.

When Bob and Elena mentioned about the criticisms, Matthew said: “The voice is very awful! My ears are suffering!” He also revealed he received “advice” from Catherina Tsang (曾勵珍): “She pointed I am bad in talking and should switch to another occupation. At that moment, I finally understood the seriousness of the situation.” Matthew added he practised speaking English in front of Catherina for an hour in her room and felt grateful to her guidance.

Mentioning about his absence previously, Arnold explained: “I was at a loss because of many reasons such as my family. At the time, my girlfriend and I had a poor relationship and I did not want to go out at all. I also switched off my mobile phone for several days.” He appreciated film producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) for showing his concern.

In addition, Arnold disclosed his 2 years romance with Amber Tang (鄧卓殷) and both would video call every night when going to bed which earned the envy from Bob and Elena. Arnold said: “I will not end the call even when sleeping. If she is still sleeping, I will continue the call and do my stuff first.” When Milkson exposed Snow Suen’s (孫慧雪) information, Elena and Bob called Snow for a confession immediately.

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