On 28th June, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) turned 33 year old and received blessings from many fans. She shared a picture and posted a question on Instagram: “I always have a problem during summer vacation every year. Should I cut my hair short or leave it long?” Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) pointed Tracy remained beautiful regardless in short or long hair.

Although Tracy becomes a barrister and has a blissful marriage, but it is a pity that she reduces her on-screen appearances. In 2012, she participated in Ms Hong Kong pageant and was one of the hot favourites but emerged as the second runner-up only Nevertheless, Tracy was considered the champion to the public. She joins the industry for 9 years and is best noted for her roles in The Hippocratic Crush II (On Call 36小時II), Over Run Over (EU超時任務) and Legal Mavericks (踩過界) drama.

Despite little work, Tracy remains popular and is in high demand from the advertising companies. She is invited to sing at the events in shopping mall and her mediocre singing skills always manage to attract many fans to support her.

In 2015, Tracy chose to pursue her studies during the peak of her acting career. After completing her master’s degree in Journalism and Communication in 2016, she continued a law course in City University of Hong Kong in September. Tracy proceeded to become an official barrister in 2020. During an interview with HK01 (香港01) earlier, Tracy expressed she was currently focusing on her legal career: “I feel very grateful to receive many work opportunities. I have lots of things to learn as a newcomer and will continue to work hard.”

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