TVB new show (單對單) hosted by Maria Luisa Leitão (黎芷珊) premiered on 26th June. Other than inviting Felix Wong (黃日華) in the first episode, Maria also invited Michelle Yim (米雪) who mentioned about living her life for the past 11 years without her deceased boyfriend, Wan Chi Keung (尹志強). She also responded about the “ghost marriage” with Chi Keung.

Michelle has been staying single since Chi Keung passed away because of cancer in 2010. She disclosed he had no pain but sweet memories only before dying: “It is best to stay positive if we could only live for 500 days. I feel we are connected spiritually until now.”

Asking about staying healthy method, Michelle believed health, happiness, financially stable and friends were 4 important elements to staying single: “My good friends and I went to a law firm to set up an agreement to manage our assets together in the future. I am getting old and have no children. What happens if I am sick? I need someone to accompany me if hospitalised.”