Ada Choi (蔡少芬) gave birth to 2 baby girls after tying the knot with Max Zhang (張晉) in 2008. At 46 year old, she gave birth to a baby boy. In recent years, Ada develops her career in Mainland China and shares her daily routines on her social media occasionally. A few days ago, she uploaded photo of herself cooking while carrying her son at the same time. Ada posted an online message: “Performing or advertising the jeans? Frying pan? My son? Or showing my life?”

Subsequently, many netizens whom were mothers remarked they were in similar situations. However, the netizen pointed the photographer could carry the child and some said: “Only mothers will understand. Sometime, the child is very clingy to the mother. When I was expecting the second baby, my eldest child only wanted me to carry him. My kid sticks to me whenever I am at home and it is not easy.”

Earlier, Ada exposed her beautiful living room when sitting on the cushion with her son and a simple and modern kitchen this time.