Former TVB actress Maggie Chan (陳美琪) is currently 63 year old and best noted for her role in The Legend of White Snake (新白娘子傳奇) drama. A long time ago, she reduces her on-screen appearances and relocates to Shanghai with her second husband, Yan Sheung Wing (忻尚永). A few days ago, Maggie showed her selfie revealing her flawless skin and sweet smile.

In 2008, kind-hearted Maggie adopted an orphan girl, Lucia (祈天露) who was then 9 month old at Shanxi. Lucia was suspected to suffer from hydrocephalus and fracture and throw into the rubbish bin. As Maggie and Sheung Wing wished to become parent, both decided to adopt her after the discussion. Lucia is currently 13 year old and Maggie showed the beautiful flowers planted by her previously. It is believed she is a thoughtful girl.