Recently, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is invited to a Chinese variety show, Meeting with the Parents 6 (新相親大會6) as a guest. She observes 3 female participants in the studio room together with 6 male guests.

On that night, 3 participants did not hold hands and the host, Meng Fei (孟非) pointed that it was his first time to witness such situation. When he asked Charmaine about the reason, she replied: “Perhaps the ladies are too outstanding today. Nobody suits them.” She then monitored a group of guys’ reactions when the first lady appeared and all praised she looked very cute. Once knowing she was 32 year old, none of them showed any interest immediately. Charmaine said: “I feel it is slightly unfair to this woman.” When the second lady came out, Charmaine pointed she looked very independent: “I reckon man prefer gentle woman.” Charmaine continued to describe the third participant was too independent and had her own thinking: “She is too young and cares about herself more. This is my impression of her.”

When one of the male guests questioned about the ranking of family, career, friendship and love problem, Charmaine believed it was unnecessary: “All are important people. It is superfluous about the ranking if you really love that person. All are my loved ones.”

Because of the situation on that night, it made Charmaine felt emotional and she expressed her thoughts on Weibo after that. She encouraged all men to woo their true love and said: “I feel men should not give up because of a problem. They should take the initiative to understand the opposite party and realise it is a small issue. I hope all ladies should listen to their hearts and do not believe the gossips. Please love your Mr Right bravely.”