Samantha Ko (高海寧) recorded TVB show (單對單) hosted by Maria Luisa Leitão (黎芷珊) at Wan Chai. During the interview, she shared her travelling, love and life perspectives and believed the audiences will understand her better through the programme.

Samantha expressed she remained single after breaking up with Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉). When asked if she had any suitors, Samantha replied: “Yes, but it depends if he suits me though. I feel I am confused and it is based on my feelings. Anyway, I am taking it easy. Being a single person is good and I could understand myself better. It is an enriching life overall.”

Subsequently, Samantha pointed she loved herself more but did not know how to love others: “I will know how to if really love him but he has not appear yet. (What is your criteria?) I do not really set any limits. Age and the nationality are not a problem as long as he is mature.”