Chinese reality show Viva La Romance 5 (妻子的浪漫旅行5) organises another holiday for married couples again. Carina Zhang (張馨月) requested a kiss from Raymond Lam (林峯) while water surfing and he tried his best despite 3 failed attempts. His chin was injured and it is obvious he tries very hard.

When the wives were asked if they would marry the same husbands in their next lifetime In previous episode, the production team arranged the wives to give the same response so that their husbands would sit in the same bus. In the latest episode, everyone confirmed they would choose the same partners in their next lifetime and Raymond said: “Honestly speaking, I do not mind our identities are swapped so as to experience our life. I feel being a woman is quite suffering and swapping our identities allow us to increase the understanding for each other. It is not bad to make sacrifices for the opposite party in this lifetime.” Carina said: “Alright! I will not change my name in my next lifetime.” However, she was slammed by the netizens: “Didn’t you change your Chinese and English name in this lifetime? What kind of sacrifices have you made? Are you trying to make a bitter love romance?” Based on the information, the netizens dug Carina’s background and her original name was Zhang Meng Yao Ada (張夢瑤) when Raymond announced their marriage news.

In the studio room earlier, Raymond expressed he wanted to be as thoughtful as Qin Hailu’s (秦海璐) husband Wang Xinjun (王新軍). Hence, everybody questioned Carina about the changes in Raymond and she replied: “Yes, he used to be very lazy and wanted me to cut his fingernails. Raymond is trying to cut his own fingernails now.” Jiang Qinqin (蔣勤勤) and Hailu said: “Independent now? Mr Lam, you show a big improvement!” Zhang Han (張翰) also joined in: “You become an adult finally!” Everyone begun to cheer.

During the game section while eating dinner, the wives needed to reveal the most hatred words and stuff said and done by their husbands whom had to give correct answers within 10 chances. When it was Raymond’s turn, Carina hinted it was his favourite reply and he responded it was shower, after Chen Jianbin (陳建斌) gave another hint. Raymond then failed after many attempts and it turned out to be “please do not worry” and Carina explained: “He usually returns home late after drinking sessions and gatherings.”

Evidently, Carina wishes for a fairytale romance and will give in to Raymond most of the time. Although she dislikes it when he plays thrilling activities such as water surfing and attends gatherings, but she will compromise and let him go.