Moses Chan (陳豪) sets up his coffee brand known as Blooms Coffee and organises a coffee workshop. On that day, he invited two sportsmen as his assistants and barista trainees. As a professional barista, Moses shared his coffee knowledge and used his personal equipment to brew his own coffee, Moses Style. He said: “Since establishing my own coffee brand, I organise many coffee sharing sessions and work with several companies in recent years. This time, collaborating with Life Insurance Company Limited (富衛) allows the participants to learn coffee making skills and promote love in the community. My assistants could develop their potentials and are not bad in making coffee.”

When mentioned about his coffee experiences, Moses confessed his mood affected the coffee taste. Asking if he made a special coffee for his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), he replied: “I brew sweet coffee for her everyday. It is a rich and fragrant with chocolate flavour. Drinking coffee is definitely a little enjoyment for us. In the past, Aimee loved to patronise different cafes and I make coffee for her everyday and it helps to save money. Anyway, she can support my business. I return to Hong Kong not long ago and my children happen to study for examinations. I need to keep revising homework with them and it gives me a headache. Fortunately, the result is not bad and it is better for the parents to revise together with them. I will definitely give them a reward during summer holidays.”