Lynn Hung (熊黛林) expressed she returned to Hong Kong after wrapping up new drama and film in Mainland China not long ago at an event. After waiting for her kids to go back to school and resting for 2 months, she would be working in China again for a month and stay over there for 6 months in her previous trip. Lynn said: “At the time, I only returned to Hong Kong for a month. My husband Ken Kwok (郭可頌) has no idea that I will be travelling to China again. Previously, he already told me to come back earlier but I had no choice. It has been several years since I shoot movie and have lost the confidence now. Right now, I resume my work and begin to regain my confidence. Many people praise I look beautiful.”

Subsequently, Lynn explained Ken was worried about her health due to working in China alone. When asked if he wished to become a father again, Lynn replied: “I am not giving birth again. I am currently 40 year old and it is very hard for me to lose weight. At the point, I gained more than 50 pound after giving birth to twins and it is extremely difficult to slim down. (Doesn’t Ken wants to have a son?) Nope. Anyway, I have no baby plan now.”