TVB drama, Plan “B” (寶寶大過天) starring Eliza Sam (岑麗香), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Mimi Kung (龔慈恩) and Kiki Sheung (商天娥) is currently broadcasting. In the series, Eliza’s daughter begins stage two trouble which gives her a terrible headache. In real life, she gives birth to a baby boy named Jacob in March 2019 and he is 2 year old now. During an interview at a radio station, Eliza shared her parental knowledge and confessed it was not easy being a mother and even had panic attacks in reality.

Eliza played a mother who was worried about her daughter all the time and her exaggerating responses were slammed by the audiences. It turned out she raised a question previously: “I am always mad in the drama and the audiences might not stand it. I wonder if it is too exaggerating after reading the script. Do I need to scream and shout all the time? Does it really happen in real life? I also ask my friends as I do not argue with my son like that at all. Anyway, it is good to accumulate experiences and will learn to resolve problems through the drama.”

Kenneth Ma (馬明飾) acted as Eliza’s husband and both had arguments frequently: “The script requires us to quarrel in every episode. It is very tiring to argue from the start to the end of the filming. At the time, Kenneth and I wonder if we are encouraging people to have a baby or filing for a divorce?” Although Kenneth failed to share the responsibility of taking care of their daughter together, but Eliza has a good husband who is a “warrior” in real life and said: “He told me not to worry when working and promised to feed and help Jacob to take a shower once returning home everyday. Thank you very much.”

Eliza continued: “Jacob starts to learn from his friends and is becoming rebellious. For example: I told him to take a shower but he refuses and I need another person to help me.” Despite that, she dotes on her sons very much and shares their photos on Instagram frequently. When asked if she planned for a third baby, Eliza replied: “I plan for two daughters initially but turn out to be boys and nobody will fight with me for my husband then.”