On 6th June, Eddie Kwan (關禮傑) was invited to an opening ceremony of a new South Korean supermarket. When mentioned about her daughter, Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨) was one of the contestants in Ms Hong Kong Pageant (香港小姐) this year, he replied he discussed with her beforehand and said: “I told her to go for it if she could withstand the pressure. (Will you be worried about her career as her teaching occupation is more stable?) I am a Christian and believe it is the arrangement by the god for her to join the pageant. Hence, I reckon it will enrich her knowledge and widen her horizon. I also told Fabienne to relax and we do not need her to support us.”

Asking if he objected to Fabienne joining the industry since he worked for 40 years via TVB acting classes in 1981, Eddie said: “Honestly speaking, we cannot say much and it depends on her. I am not a very famous person and she participates in the pageant without any connections. Fabienne must rely on her talents and show her best performance. For example: We cannot play lead roles with poor acting skills. (Did she set any targets?) Nope. What matters most is she enjoys the process and gives her full efforts.”

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