41-year-old Raymond Lam (林峯) shoots countless of TVB drama and releases many classic love songs from 2007 onward. He even holds a concert in Hong Kong Coliseum previously. In recent years, Raymond participates in Chinese variety shows and has signed contract with Warner Music Hong Kong, and will be releasing new songs on 8th July.

On 5th July, Warner Music made 3 posts on Instagram: “Everybody might not believe but this person will definitely succeed. Singing love songs on 8th July 2021. #composed by Terence Lam (林家謙) #lyricist Cheung Cho Kiu (張楚翹) #composer Johnny Yim #music producer Schumann Lee (舒文)”

Although we cannot see the person in the photo clearly, but he has a strong resemblance to Raymond and many fans expressed they looked forward to his new songs. In 2014, Raymond rejected to renew his contract with EEG after 3 years and joined Sky High Entertainment (天高娛樂) under Louis Koo (古天樂) thereafter. In 2019, he filmed TVB drama, Line Walker: Bull Fight (使徒行者3) and sang the theme song without joining Voice Entertainment (星夢娛樂).

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