40-year-old Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) shares her love experiences and perspectives in Chinese reality show, Twinkle Love (怦然心動20歲) as a guest and it becomes a heated discussion. On 7th July, the finale was broadcasted and she confessed she hated a particular person and would avoid him even if having feelings for him. Gillian also discussed about her views related to relationships.

When mentioned about mood disorder in the latest episode, Gillian replied she was terrified of people having mood disorder: “It will not affect me but please leave me alone. I am very frighten of people having negative energy and will avoid him despite having feelings for him. (But what if you like him very much?) I will dislike him slowly as he is full of negative energy. (Reduce his marks?) Yes.” Based on her response, it is obvious she is a simple and innocent person.

Gillian disclosed she disliked to stay rational in relationship and happiness was the most important: “It will affect the romance if we remain rational. Love is pure and guys should take actions to prove it. Perhaps everyone has a different perspective and I feel a romance should be simple.”

Although some women appear domineering on the surface, but they are easy-going and Gillian is one of them. She said: “Everyone assumes we are difficult to handle but actually very easy.” She emphasised it was important to apply makeup during dating so as to respect the opposite party.

Although many women choose to throw away stuff given by their ex-boyfriends, but Gillian believed certain stuff contained a special memory: “Every item contains a special memory given by my old love. We should handle our feelings and not the stuff.” Despite having a correct perspective, Gillian has a bumpy love life but continues to harbour hopes towards love.

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