45-year-old Vicki Zhao (趙薇) joins the industry for 30 years and is noted for her high fame based on My Fair Princess (還珠格格) in 1998. Although she is less fitter, but Vicki remains young and uploaded her selfie without makeup online on 9th July. In the photo, she does not even draw her eyebrow and has a good skin complexion.

Apparently, Vicki shares her photos revealing her natural beauty occasionally. Once, she had skin allergy after using the wrong skincare products and decided to choose it wisely thereafter, so as to see the effects. Let’s take a look at her skincare routine.

Before applying makeup, Vicki will apply a facial mask and cream in order to increase the hydration. After returning home, she will use moisturising makeup remover and wash her face immediately.

Since joining the show business, Vicki has been using Vaseline brand which costs $10.00. It is used as a lip balm or apply another layer after the lipstick. It could also be used as hair oil and hydrate the skin.

Finally, Vicki eats fruits and vegetables everyday and replaces it as breakfast or dinner at times. It helps to detox the body and improve the skin complexion.

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