Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Rebecca Chan (陳秀珠) shared their acting experiences, love and life experiences in the latest episode in Twinkle Twinkle Single Star (單對單) show hosted by Maria Luisa Leitão (黎芷珊).

In the programme, Samantha taught Maria yoga, baked cake and had high tea together. She expressed yoga helped her to reduce stress: “Whenever I am confused, I will do yoga as it is a form of relaxation and I feel happier after that. Being single does not matter as I could take this opportunity to understand myself better and meet a better person.”

Upon discussing about her love perspective, Samantha confessed her thinking was different when compared to the past: “I used to be reactive and will not start a relationship easily. I have less than 5 romances and the longest lasted for 8 years. Right now, I will make the first move if liking that person since growing older. It is very rare that the man will make you feel touched and do anything for him. (Any baby plan?) I can do it by myself.” She added she was not easy to woo and flowers and gifts will not make her feel touched.

Samantha continued: “I do not mind my partner falling in love with others. It is fine if he feels she is better than me. I am a confident woman and have temptations too. However, I choose you as you are more important than them.” She is pointed to develop an underground romance with musical artist Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) for many years and both refused to admit it, until his cheating on Samantha was exposed in June 2020. Chi Wai then confessed they broke up in last January.

As Samantha is a filial granddaughter, she tried to hold back her tears when mentioning about her deceased grandfather. However, the tears begun to stream down on her face and she said: “My biggest regret in life is my grandfather. My grandparents take care of me since young and we have very close bonding. Although many people console me that I am not the only one who fail to see my loved ones for the last time, but I know I will not see them again.”