Every episode in Chinese variety show, Life is Beautiful 2 (讓生活好看2) broadcasts Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) personal life and she gives a surprise to her fans in the latest episode. Cecilia helped the opposite party to choose a wedding gown and shared her perspective about marriage: “A wedding is similar to a birthday party. We do not need to feel too frighten and enjoying the process is the most important.” Despite a failed marriage, Cecilia remains positive, helps the couple and it is indeed touching.

In the programme, the bridegroom specially invited Cecilia to choose a wedding gown for his wife as she was her fan. She urged the couple to enjoy the wedding process and refrain from thinking about issues after that: “I understand many youngsters tend to have some phobia about marriage and it is because of the fertile imaginations only. A marriage does not represent next lifetime and we do not need to treat it as our life.” It is full of love and warmth when Cecilia shares her love perspective.

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