Artiste Grace Chan (陳凱琳) filmed a television advertisement for fast food restaurant chains together with a cute boy named Sean. During the shooting, she was very focused and praised Sean was more obedient than her sons: “Looking at Sean makes me imagine about my sons’ appearances upon growing up. Hopefully they will be as obedient as Sean. My husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) is a meat lover and my sons are becoming picky now. Hence, I forbid them to eat “meat” at home so as to achieve a balanced diet. Anyway, it is giving me a headache.”

When asked about her slimming method as she regained her fit body figure quickly after giving birth, Grace replied: “I do not really notice it but pay attention to the attitude about maintaining a healthy lifestyle though. I continue to exercise and restrict my diet after the pregnancy. Like everybody says, 70% comes from food and 30% is exercise. I eat more vegetables than meat. Although many people try to avoid eating rice, but we could eat healthy carbohydrate food such as red rice and reduce sugar intake. Taking nutritious food is the most important.”