On 14th July, Lisa Chong (莊思明) was present at a live online shopping show at Lai Chi Kok. During an interview with HK01 (香港01), she confessed she loved online shopping as it was cheaper: “I love to buy food and makeup items online after checking the prices. Matt Yeung (楊明) and I are food lovers and prefer spicy and savoury food.”

As Matt was currently facing a lawsuit because of reckless driving and the hearing will be continuing in end August, Lisa replied he was alright and rejected to reveal if he was worried about it: “It is an ongoing case and I cannot say too much. Thank you for the concern. Our mood will not be affected and we need to face it after all. We will remain positive.”

Lisa added she was filming Shaw Brothers studio new drama, ICAC Attack (廉政狙擊) while Matt was resting at home now. She said: “As his girlfriend, I do not really need to counsel him. We need to work hard and save more money because of the pandemic last year. (Make any worst plan?) Huh? It does not cross our minds.”

Source: https://www.hk01.com/%E5%8D%B3%E6%99%82%E5%A8%9B%E6%A8%82/650657/%E8%8E%8A%E6%80%9D%E6%98%8E%E9%80%8F%E9%9C%B2%E6%A5%8A%E6%98%8E%E6%9C%AA%E5%8F%97%E6%A1%88%E4%BB%B6%E5%BD%B1%E9%9F%BF%E5%BF%83%E6%83%85-%E5%A7%8B%E7%B5%82%E8%A6%81%E9%9D%A2%E5%B0%8D