The finale for TVB drama Sinister Beings (逆天奇案) starring TV King Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) was broadcasted in June and it achieves a high rating record at 30 pt.

According to a new source, Ruco will be participating in new series including ICAC Attack (廉政狙撃), Falling in Love with You When You Were a Kid (童時愛上你) and Stealth Team (隱形戰隊). Based on a news article on 18th July, his contract with TVB will be ending in end 2021 and the pay becomes a major issue when liaising the contract.

Apparently, Ruco’s remuneration is $5 million in TVB and it is considered little when compared to Moses Chan (陳豪) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) at $30 million and $8 million. Thus, Ruco wishes for salary increment and is in a similar situation with another TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥). However, TVB disagrees because of the pandemic and huge pay rise. As a result, TVB gives the male lead role to Kenneth in Stealth Team drama and reduces Ruco’s scenes in Falling in Love with You When You Were a Kid drama, Finally, Ruco gives in due to supporting his family and it becomes a happy ending.