In recent years, Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) reduces her on-screen appearances and bought a flat at Japan Fukuta earlier. She also invests in real estate industry at 7 digit figure at Fukuta, establishes a firm (八方不動產株式會社) and sets up a branch in Hong Kong. Hence, we get to see Yoyo uploads amusing information about her company on social media account occasionally.

Evidently, It is hard to see Yoyo’s photos as she seldom shares it online. However, she plays a live broadcast with a body stretching coach after attending a body stretching event earlier. It attracted many fans to watch it and they were surprised to see that Yoyo gained substantial weight. In the video, she demonstrated a stretching pose which revealed her belly accidentally. At the time, Yoyo said in an embarrassing tone: “Oh my god! I have a big belly.” She pulled down her top to conceal her belly immediately.