On 14th July, Him Law (羅子溢) expressed his wife Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and he were having a headache about choosing the school and other stuff for their daughter, Hera Law (羅翊心) at an art exhibition. Both even had a cold war over it and he said: “Tavia is unhappy as I forgot to make some arrangements. We did not argue but having a cold war as a result. Of course, I will listen to my wife and all mothers are usually more thoughtful in clothes and food arrangements. I hope Hera will enjoy a happy instead of a stressful childhood and is as independent as her mother.”

After wrapping up new drama in Mainland China for 3 months earlier, Tavia decided to stay in Hong Kong to spend time with Hera and stop working in China temporarily. Him said: “Hera is still small. Once, she called her granny as “mother” and it made Tavia extremely upset. It will be strange if Hera calls her granny as “mother” at the street. Him added Hera called him “daddy” once and inherited weird family genes such as single eyelids from him.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210714/1626260219065/%e7%be%85%e5%ad%90%e6%ba%a2%e7%88%86%e6%a5%8a%e8%8c%9c%e5%a0%af%e5%8c%97%e4%b8%8a%e6%8b%8d%e5%8a%873%e5%80%8b%e6%9c%88%e5%be%8c%e6%85%98%e9%81%ad%e5%a5%b3%e5%85%92%e5%bf%98%e8%a8%98