Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) joins the industry for 20 years and is noted for her high fame. Upon joining the show business initially, she gave her earnings to her mother who helped her to save up and buy properties. Charlene currently owns 6 flats and collects $200,000 rental every month. Hence, she is known as a “rich woman” in entertainment industry.

Not long ago, Charlene drew paintings in her luxurious mansion which faced a magnificent sea view. Lately, her friends helped her to colour her hair while sitting on the bathtub. She pretended as a pregnant woman and said: “I am challenging hair colouring at my house this time. It is very comfortable. I sit down while washing my hair and it does not make my clothes dirty at all. Killing two birds with one stone!” In addition, the photos reveals her beautiful bathroom which resembles a hotel. What do you think?