In recent years, many artistes become YouTuber and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) is one of them. After setting up her YouTube channel, she invites her godsister, Christine Ng (伍詠薇) as a guest and has an intimate discussion. Christine even confessed she loved big size as it resembled to insert the air if it was too small.

When asked about either choosing dashing guys but small size or average looking but big size during “quick question and answer” section, Christine replied big size immediately while Sharon chose handsome guys and said: “How to look at him when he looks unpleasant? I am extremely scared of big size as it is very painful.” Christine explained: “It resembles to insert the air if too small. For example, the cotton candy is finished immediately. Men usually prefer girls with big breast and it is more fun after switching off the lights.” She added her breast became bigger and described it as “papaya” upon growing older: “Fortunately, my belly button is lower and my “papaya” has not touched it yet.”

Mentioning about their close friendship with Joel Chan (陳山聰), they replied they were arranged to play drums together during 2002 TVB Anniversary Awards and became good friends thereafter. Christine then asked an interesting question: “I keep thinking about making a move on Joel. (Failing to make a move?) Yes. (Is he small or big?) He is my “younger brother”. I trust him and he does not remove his underwear in front of me until now. Please do not worry. I believe he has a big size though. Anyone disagrees with me? (Who?) At the time, he was not married yet. (You even know his hand very well?)”

Subsequently, Christine laughed and said: “If Joe and I have a relationship, can I still become his godsister after that? I think I can. (You are strange?) Anyway it is fate that he is my “godbrother”. I will not have incest with my family member. (Yes, after you becomes his “godsister”?) It is fun and I do not mind to try it again.” It is believed that she delivers a more shocking speech when compared to Tiger’s Talk show.