Recently, China Zhengzhou experienced a heaviest rainfall which caused power outages and led to suspended rail services and flights. Many artistes are concerned about the situation, make donations and give away necessities. TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) is currently working in Mainland China and recorded a video to root for the victims: “Let’s unite and root for Zhengzhou together! #peace in Zhengzhou #help one another #Zhengzhou will make it”

In the video, Wayne wears a black t-shirt and looks very serious. He expressed he had been monitoring the situation in Zhengzhou: “Hopefully it will be sunny again quickly! Let’s cheer for the citizens in Zhengzhou together! Hope the rain will stop quickly and peace returns to Zhengzhou again!” Wayne then placed his palms together to pray for blessings and his sincerity won compliments from the netizens. They also said: “Your Mandarin is getting fluent now.”

Apparently, Wayne left Hong Kong in end March and looked for work opportunities in Mainland China. Other than filming drama, he attends activities in different cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Lanzhou and Guangdong Province and attracts many local fans to support him. It is believed he practises to speak Mandarin frequently.