New film, Zero to Hero (媽媽的神奇小子) will be premiering in August. A few days ago, it organised a hospitality session and a group of sport athletics and artistes including Gigi Lai (梁詠琪) were invited to the preview. Gigi expressed she cried from the beginning to the end and felt elated that there was a good movie produced in Hong Kong.

When film director Chi Man Wan (尹志文) invited Gigi to deliver a speech, everyone clapped hands immediately. She congratulated Man Wan for producing a good film successfully as it encouraged everyone to have a positive mindset especially during the pandemic.

In addition, Gigi praised the actor Mason Fung (馮皓揚) had good acting skills and he was present as well: “It is not easy to play this role and you act very well. You are acting as another person and I wonder if you really have disability when watching the movie, before knowing you.” Finally, she urged all Hong Kong citizens to support the film as it promoted positive energy and showed every mother was noble: “As a mommy, I feel very touched and happy that it is a successful movie.”