After joining Warner Music Hong Kong, Raymond Lam (林峯) releases his new song, The Voice of Love (唱情歌的人). In order to make his fans happy again, he specially conducts an online musical session during his free time. As it is considered a grand occasion, Warner Music arranges to play live broadcast through music platforms, media and outdoor television outside the shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Upon knowing the news, Raymond expressed he felt excited as it was his first time to conduct an online musical session since joining the industry: “I really wish to decrease the gap between the audiences and me and perform comfortably. Because of the pandemic, we have no choice but to broadcast online and get to communicate with everybody.” Although Raymond approached his usual music team members and the background was simple, but it showed a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

After making an announcement, it becomes a hot topic and the netizens expressed their desires to listen to his classic songs again. Other than singing The Voice of Love song, Raymond also challenged his old songs including Finding Love in Memories (愛在記憶中找你), Love not Enough (愛不疚) and End of Innocence (幼稚完).

During the broadcast, Raymond’s fans remarked they felt touched as it had been a long time since they listened to him singing live. It made them felt warmth and they were recalled of their old memories and kept asking Raymond to hold a concert again.

Finally, Raymond confessed his wish for holding an online musical session: “It marks a good beginning in Warner Music. Thank you to the team for granting my wish. It is a new beginning and there is more to come! Also, thank you to my fans for the continuous supports.”