Annie Liu (劉心悠) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) had to escape with two kids due to some troubles in Ladies Market (女人街,再見了) film. She was reminded of her leg injury when filming fleeing scene in Mong Kok and it delayed the shooting progress. Ron said: “I need to thank Annie. In a particular scene, I had to carry Annie and a kid while trying to escape. I explained to film director that Annie was injured and I could run slower because of her.” Annie played a transportation worker and had to pretend to carry heavy stuff which were props. She pointed it was a big challenge while Ron recalled of carrying heavy props when filming TVB drama in the past.

When mentioned about working with child actors, Ron replied they continued to keep in contact even after wrapping up the movie 3 years ago. He described himself as “child killer” and said: “Many kids used to cry upon seeing me. My elder sister’s daughter also cries when carrying her but will hug me now. I might be a little crazy as want to film serious scenes and seldom cry in real life. I really wish to shoot depressing and having a breakdown scenes.”

As the society in Hong Kong became negative due to the pandemic in recent years, Annie replied: “We need to remain positive and live our lives to the fullest. I will try my best to do my favourite stuff.” As for Ron, he learned to cherish his family and reminded himself to stay happy frequently: “I disallowed my family to buy groceries when the virus was out of control. I chose to go out and buy it. (Did your mother urges you to settle down?) Yes, previously. Subsequently, I go back to work and rarely see my mother. Right now, she tells me to take more rest.”