It has been 3 years since Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) films any series and his drama, Sinister Beings (逆天奇案) received good reviews in May. Hence, his other new series including Chinatown (唐人街), I’ve got the Power (超能使者) and Guardians of the Dark Night (黯夜守護者) should be broadcasting soon but it seems that TVB has yet to make any arrangements.

When asked if he was worried about waiting for another 3 years at a company’s event in Olympian City, Ruco confessed he did not wish to and said: “I doubt it. TVB has many shows which bring entertainment and positive energy to the audiences. Of course, I hope my drama will air soon but it depends on the company’s arrangement. Anyway, I believe TVB will broadcast series and programmes according to the audiences’ preferences.”

Mentioning about the dispute with TVB over salary increment, Ruco emphasised his relationship with the company was very good: “The people surrounding me know it is fake news. I get to attend events and shoot drama and believe my efforts for the past 2 years will not be wasted. (Thinking of joining Shaw Brothers Studio (邵氏)?) I have an ongoing contract with TVB and prefer to stay over here. I believe they will give me ample opportunities.”

As Hong Kong table tennis team won bronze medal, Ruco replied he felt very touched when watching the live broadcast: “I am reminded of playing table tennis in the past. The whole process is a struggle but I love it and it does not mean I could win. You can feel it is a form of responsibility when the team accepts the interview. I allow my daughter to play table tennis so as to understand winning is not the most important.”