Simon Yam (任達華) and his wife, Qi Qi (琦琦) have a daughter named Ella Yam (任晴佳) who is currently 17 year old and inherits their good family genes. Lately, Ella performs catwalk for the first time together with supermodel Liu Wen (模劉雯) and Cong He (賀聰) at Shanghai. Qi Qi was present to show her support as well. At the show, Ella wears a light purple winter jacket revealing her 110cm long legs and is as good as other models.

Subsequently, Ella received compliments after the show and said: “I feel overjoyed and relaxed. Although it is harder than other stages, but it is a big challenge and I manage to complete it successfully. I feel very excited to walk together with other models and they treat me very well. We will be having dinner together thereafter.”

As for Qi Qi, she felt proud of her daughter and said: “Very good! I am very worried about her performance initially but she does it well and enjoys the process. Anyway, it is perfect.”