TVB new drama, Battle of the Seven Sisters (七公主) premiered on 9th August. As Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) played a tough lawyer, she listened to film producer’s advice and deliberately lose 10 pound to achieve the best effect. Although she is slim all along, but Priscilla has to restrict her diet: “At the time, many staff were surprised to see I lost drastic weight and worried about me. Because I need to look grumpy all the time and unsure if it is due to the role, I continue to lose weight while filming the series. Fortunately, my weight is back to normal now.”

As for Michael Wai (衛志豪), he had a cameo appearance and went for rigorous training as film producer told him he had a very fit body. He said: “I lost 20 pound within 3 months. I am supposed to remove my top in one scene only but film producer decided to add in 2 scenes after seeing my results.”