Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) gives birth to 3 baby boys after tying the knot with Philip Lee (李乘德) in 2015. He owns a headhunting firm and enjoys a blissful marriage. A few days ago, Philip shared photo of taking his sons for strolling in rainy weather but his message caused nasty comments posted by some netizen.

That netizen said: “You are worse than Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) andindeed rely on your wife financially. You get to play with your sons while your wife needs to film drama in Mainland China before and after the pregnancy. She works very hard to earn a living. Where is your pub?” Philip rebutted personally: “Thank you for your understanding. I have been working for many years and own several companies now. Although it is not very big, but I hire more than 10 staff and the sales revenue is not bad. Hence, I get to spend some time with my children and family is my top priority. Hope you will understand. My pub still exists and you are welcome to patronise anytime. It is my treat. Stay happy and healthy.” Finally, that netizen felt satisfied with his response and it is obvious that Philip has high EQ.