50-year-old Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) remains a “goddess” to the public until now because of her appearance, good character and fluent English which went viral earlier. A few days ago, she took selfie at the train station in Hong Kong and wrote a message in English via Instagram: “I am taking a train to handle my finger problem. Please do not ask me about the reason. I have no idea too.” Jessica then disclosed she hurt her middle finger and it was not too serious.” However, somebody focused on the wrong area and said: “Wow, you are indeed realistic. You dare to take a train? Daring woman.” Artiste Derek Wong (黃建東) said: “Wow! How I wish I could bump into you.”

Subsequently, Jessica responded to that netizen: “I do ride every now and then.” In fact, she takes a train and tram occasionally and takes photos of her shoes as well. Jessica is indeed a realistic “goddess” and it is believed many people want to bump into her.

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