On 13th August, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Karl Ting (丁子朗) and Danny Hung (孔德賢) attended an event (海外學生仁濟夜202). During the activity, Sisley sang the song, Lian Ai Yu Gao (戀愛預告) and dismissed about challenging Chantel Yiu (姚焯菲). She explained it was the most popular song and could make the atmosphere lively. When asked about learning to sing, Sisley replied: “I went for singing lessons previously and will continue it. (Seek advice from your rumoured boyfriend, Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞)?) Nope. I tried to sing his song, I Was Here (到此一遊) and he told me to focus on acting instead. (Feeling unhappy?) Nope. I am interested in acting all along and learning to sing is not to cause any embarrassment only.”

Danny disclosed he hurt his nose while cycling and applying concealer failed to cover the wound: “I took tetanus injection and have to wash my wound and take antibiotics everyday. The doctor said there is no risk of infection and it will not leave a scar. Anyway, I am considered lucky and will stop all dangerous activities for now.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210814/1628929757425/%e8%94%a1%e6%80%9d%e8%b2%9d%e6%8b%92%e8%b7%9f%e8%83%a1%e9%b4%bb%e9%88%9e%e5%ad%b8%e5%94%b1%e6%ad%8c-%e4%bb%96%e8%81%bd%e5%ae%8c%e5%8f%ab%e6%88%91%e5%b0%88%e5%bf%83%e6%8b%8d%e6%88%b2