Chinese reality show, Call Me By Fire (披荊斬棘的哥哥) invites 33 male artistes including 6 Hong Kong celebrities for a competition. One of them is Julian Cheung (張智霖) who joins the industry for 30 years and discloses his intention of withdrawing from the show business. He confesses he films the programme because of his fans: “The audiences could see me a few more times.” Subsequently, his wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) dismissed about Julian’s retirement.

Due to his popularity, many clients approached Julian to film advertisements with high remuneration. At the same time, Anita told the people surrounding her while following Julian to work in Mainland China: “He thinks too much. Please ignore him.” She felt excited upon seeing Julian willing to sing and learn dancing in the show.

As Julian will be turning 50 year old on 27th September and the programme will be shooting until October, the production team has arrange a party for him to celebrate with other contestants. As for Anita, she will be taking her son, Morton Cheung back to school once reopened.