Lately, 41-year-old Michelle Ye (葉璇) announces her new romance after breaking up with her old love, Mr Mo in 2019. Since early August, she left many sweet messages on Weibo: “Who will end up together in eternity? It starts from falling in love with that person and there is nothing to feel scared. Both decide not to look at others again and it means they are meant for each other.” In mid August, Michelle said again: “The most romantic double seven festival! Received the most romantic love letter and I will cherish it.”

Subsequently, Michelle made a new post: “He is a reliable hunter and willing to wait once decides on his prey. Anyway, he will meet his target.” On 19th August, she said: “Remembering our photo chat and it exceeds 5 hours daily. It is normal to chat while dating.” Michelle then confessed she had a non-industry boyfriend and preferred to handle in a low-key manner.