In recent years, former TVB actor Michael Tao (陶大宇) begins to increase his on-screen appearances by working and attending events in Mainland China. On 26th August, he turned 58 year old and announced about venturing into Tik Tok one day before. Michael said: “I will share my daily routines with you from now onward. Which drama do you know about me? You are more than welcome to discuss. I love you.”

Immediately, it becomes a heated discussion and the netizens pointed they loved Michael’s series especially The File of Justice (壹號皇庭), Detective Investigation Files (刑事偵緝檔案) and Once A Thief (縱橫四海). Indeed, all are considered classic drama in TVB and ATV. They also praised he maintained his appearance very well: “You remain young and handsome! You look like you are 20 years old younger.” His Mandarin becomes the highlight too.