On 26th August, Vicki Zhao (趙薇) was boycotted suddenly. Although she is rumoured to be a low quality artiste, but the news has yet to be verified. Vicki’s Weibo account is closed down and her drama including My Fair Princess (還珠格格), Romance in the Rain (情深深雨濛濛), Painted Skin (畫皮) and Moment in Peking (京華烟雲), and awards information are removed. 2 days after, she is pointed to escape to France and Chinese actress Yuan Li (袁立) disclosed nobody could contact her. On 29th August, Vicki reported her safety on Instagram but the post was deleted shorty after.

According to Chinese news source, Vicki withdrew from many companies’ investments before the boycott news. Based on enterprise information inquiry platform, Qichacha (企查查), Vicki has several disputes and her shares are frozen.

In addition, an old news related to Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) disclosed she followed many artistes such as Ruby Lin (林心如) on her social media except for one particular actress during an interview 6 years ago is raised again. Although the host did not mention the name, but Bingbing said: “All I could say is everyone has his/her own bottom line in his/her life and work. I also choose my friends wisely and will not become her friend if she has no limit at all, as it is frightening.” The netizens suspected she referred to Vicki as both did not work together after My Fair Princess series and were rumoured to have conflicts repeatedly.

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