Cindy Au (歐倩怡) participated in the recording of the show (兒歌金曲SUMMERFEST). When mentioned about her children song (問題天天都多) became the champion through an online voting system 24 years ago, she said: “I sang this song at 17 year old and did not expect it was sentimental. Perhaps my fans have become parents now. My kids do not listen to this song and prefer South Korean and English songs. Hong Kong has little children songs and we should try to continue it. I am more than willing if somebody approaches me to sing children song again.”

When mentioned about Roger Kwok’s (郭晉安) name disappeared on TVB official website lately, Cindy replied she was unaware of it: “Roger usually films 1 or 2 TVB drama every year. He signs contract with Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) manager for few years and wraps up Big White Duel II (白色強人II) series not long ago. I do not hear about any changes to his work. Roger is currently busy taking care of the kids and I have additional time to focus on my nutrition course. I reckon I could become a nutritionist next year. (Are you supporting Roger?) No need. He has a high pay and I told him to shoot more drama.”