TV Queen Nancy Wu (胡定欣) will be turning 40 year old on 9th September. Despite a dry love life, she has many friends and her fans even organise an exhibition for her. Nancy shared many photos and the exhibition had countless of posters and beautiful photos. It also contains her precious moment after joining the industry and Nancy said: “Feeling grateful and really appreciate it. You accompany me in every photo which captures all important moments in show business. The memories are returning slowly. Thank you very much for accompanying me all the way. I do not feel lonely and it is a very meaningful and thoughtful gift. I promise to work harder and produce better work for all of you. I will try my best to create memories belonging to us.”

Nancy posted another message on 5th September: “Thank you very much for supporting me personally. I appreciate every present given by my fan club. Heard the responses are not bad and some unfamiliar faces even turn up. My fans’ sacrifices are definitely worth it. Once again, thank you.”