Lately, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) has been exercising actively and shooting for a new skincare advertisement together with Internet celebrity, Artem Ansheles.

During the filming on that day, it was 34 degrees Celsius and Charmaine and Artem played games together at outdoor shooting. They had to take selfies and she was required to apply eye cream for him. As Charmaine was unfamiliar with the camera angle, she tried many times and fortunately, it did not injure his eyes.

Charmaine explained: “I always apply eye cream for myself and do not apply cream for others before. My nails are very sharp and I need to be extra careful.” When asked if she did not mind dating a younger man since the client invited Artem who was younger than her, she replied: “Age is not the biggest factor but he must be mature and have talents.”

Mentioning about her tiny waist was the biggest highlight in her training photos, Charmaine said: “It is important for my new role. I feel more energetic and must train fitter now. Hopefully, I can maintain it.”