Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) wore hair wig with contact lenses and covered herself with mud to perform modern dance together with Hong Kong Dance Company dancer Mr Wong (黃磊) to shoot MV for her new song, Deserted Island (無人島), directed by James Leung (梁華生). She disclosed she was a fan of modern dance and watched the performances in other countries online. Hence, Sammi recommended herself once knowing film director wished to include modern dance.

Subsequently, Sammi said: “Initially, film director plans to approach professional dancer and I told him directly that I wish to act as a “mud person”. I love modern dance very much and lack of an opportunity whenever singing pop songs in the past. I feel overjoyed my wish comes true. Thank you to Mr Wong for accepting the invitation.”

In order to play “mud person”, both spent half a day to apply cosmetic and makeup artist poured mud all over their bodies. Mr Wong carried Sammi while dancing together. Although it is her first attempt, but Sammi managed to establish good rapports with Mr Wong due to her dancing background and having a flexible body.