Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) daughter, Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨) was a contestant in Ms Hong Kong Pageant and she explained she lost due to poor eloquence. However, some netizens felt it was unfair as Sabina Mendes De Assuncao (宋宛穎) also performed badly but was crowned the champion. Thus, they believed she lost because of the tattoo on her body.

During the promotion event for TVB drama, The Kwoks and What (我家無難事) at Hung Hom on 18th September, he accepted an interview from HK01 (香港01) and said: “As her father, winning an award is a good encouragement and it is considered a learning process even if no awards. Of course, I feel disappointed but not anymore. Nobody’s life is perfect and it is a good experience for her.”

As the netizens reckoned Fabienne lost because of the tattoo on her body, Eddie replied: “I doubt it. A tattoo is considered an art now and many superstars have it as well. Hence, I do not think it is a flaw and believe beauty and intelligence are the most important criteria in beauty pageant.”

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