In recent years, 41-year-old Michelle Ye (葉璇) enjoys a successful career and smooth relationship in Mainland China. In August, she announced her new romance with non-industry boyfriend. On 23rd September, Michelle shared her “wedding” photos and praised her boyfriend treated her very well. Hence, their wedding bells are rumoured to be ringing soon.

Michelle posted an online message: “How to define a good and bad relationship? If a woman feels happy and confident all the time, it proves her boyfriend treats her well and gives her speaker as a present. I love it very much. Thank you.” Evidently, it shows she is deeply in love.

In addition, she uploaded her photo in wedding gown revealing her beautiful shoulder and smiling sweetly. Thus, many netizens are curious if Michelle is getting married soon. Subsequently, she deleted the photos and shared another photo of herself smiling sweetly and holding a bouquet of flowers. However, Michelle looks older and unnatural and could it be because of too much photo filtering?