Although 41-year-old Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) is a mother of 3 children, but she remains young and fit and graciously shares her beauty knowledge with everybody. Earlier, she uploaded a video on Instagram and disclosed her determination in exercising before going to bed even finishing work late, as it was good for health.

In the video, Cecilia goes for swimming without removing makeup after finishing work and hopes everyone will stop finding excuses about not doing exercises: “You will do it naturally once used to it. Yes, I eat something after work and need to go for swimming after that. Please stop finding excuses and you will find it very comfortable once used to it.”

Apparently, Cecilia swam for an hour and pointed it could help her to relax. She said: “I feel tired whenever working and taking care of my kids. Thus, I need to relax and we could choose other exercises other than swimming. It improves our sleep quality. Many people are curious about my determination and I believe we will enjoy it if continuing everyday.”