On 3rd October, Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Moon Lau (劉佩玥) turned up at the promotion event for TVB drama, The Line Watchers (把關者們). As he will be turning 35 year old on 12th October, Carlos hoped the pandemic will be over soon and could go for holidays: “During my birthday, I will be working but free at night though. Anyway, I do not really plan for a big celebration. (Spending two person world with your rumoured girlfriend, Shiga Lin (連詩雅)?) I am an adult and a simple celebration such as eating together with my family will do. (Shiga has seen your parent?) I do not know how to answer.”

Carlos added his grandmother gave him a red packet in September. When asked if she wished to see his girlfriend, Carlos said while wiping his sweat: “I understand. I will try my best. Please do not worry. My grandmother loves to speak Taishanese and it is funny. I really wish to promote her to Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and might upload her video online.”

Checking if she broke up with her rumoured boyfriend, Adrian Chau (周志文) after telling him to take good care, Moon explained: “I balance both my career and relationship well. It is a misunderstanding and the message has no special meaning at all. He feels lonely working in Beijing alone and the text serves as an encouragement only.”

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