Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is best noted for her role in Chinese drama, Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) in 2018. Subsequently, she participated in Winter Begonia (鬢邊不是海棠紅), The Legend of Xiao Chuo (燕雲台) series and several variety shows.

On 12th October, the pre-shooting ceremony for new drama (今天的她們) was conducted and Song Yi (宋軼), Li Chun (李純) and Charmaine will be playing the lead roles. The theme is based on ladies and actors list include Zhang Guoli (張國立), Zhang Cao (張超) and Wang Renjun (王仁君). Song Yi, Li Chun and Charmaine become good friends after overcoming obstacles together and continue to pursue their true love.They also begin their dream and food adventures.

In the series, Charmaine acts a career woman and should be playing the second female lead after Song Yi. It is considered her second time to shoot modern drama in Mainland China after Story of Yanxi Palace series. Hence, many netizens looked forward to it but some felt it was unfair to her: “The first female lead is less popular than her. Charmaine should play the lead role.”