Gigi Leung (梁詠琪), Poon Chan Leung (潘燦良), Ben Yuen (袁富華), Catherine Chau (周家怡) and Shirley Chan (陳欣妍) turned up at the pre-shooting ceremony for ViuTV new series (反起跑線聯盟).

Although Gigi joins the industry for many years, but it is her first time to film drama. She confessed it was an addiction and said: “I made a cameo appearance in The Last Breakthrough (天涯俠醫) and Stephen’s Dairy (老馮日記) series for 1 episode more than 10 years ago. It is a new challenge this time. Despite film director told me it was very suffering to shoot series, I know it is not that difficult as filming movies take very long hours too. I love shooting series and get to take care of my daughter, Sofia in Hong Kong.”

Gigi added she needed to film a scene with 7 kids aged around 5 to 6 year old and they were very obedient and good at memorising dialogues: “Shooting drama together with Sofia does not cross my mind as I might be distracted and she has to go to school. I am a very stern mother at home and use similar communication method with the girl who acts as my daughter in the series. I do miss her whenever finishing work.”