In the upcoming two episodes in TVB variety show, Grow Grow Grow With You (童你一起長大了), the production team invites 100 children and specially arranges a trip. There are 3 hosts including Helen Tam (譚玉瑛), Maria Luisa Leitão (黎芷珊), LuLu Kai (蓋世寶) and Ali Lee (李佳芯) is invited as a special guest to the event.

On that day, the kids called Ali as her role name, A Bou (阿寶) in TVB drama, AI Romantic (智能愛人) once seeing her. She said during an interview: “Everyone calls me A Bou and forgets my real name. They are very cute and even said my classic dialogue that please confirm if you confirm it.”

Ali recalled of sitting in an aeroplane for the first time when reaching 20 year old at the time and felt envy of those children: “My parent are quite busy and I do not expect to have an opportunity to sit in a plane.”